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The City needs Detroit voices in a sustainability survey

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

What does sustainability mean in Detroit? It’s a broad question and one that the city hopes to address based on resident feedback.

The City of Detroit, along with Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, has released a preliminary Sustainability Survey which will eventually turn into a Sustainability Action Agenda for residents. Basically, how can they meet the needs of residents today while ensuring the needs of future Detroiters?

The Action Agenda is meant to help build a more inclusive and equitable vision for the future. This online survey is just one piece—the city will also hold conversations and meetings and go door-to-door. The City will also collect demographic info to make sure that they’re getting a representative sample that reflects the city.

The survey covers basic questions about what residents think of when they hear the word ‘sustainability’ to the importance of issues like water quality, food access, transportation, housing, recycling, and safety.

The survey is also accessible in French and Spanish. Paper surveys in Arabic and Bangla can be accessed through the Office of Sustainability.