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Open Streets is coming to Rouge Park this summer

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Open Streets Detroit downtown, October 2017.
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

In 2016 and 2017, Open Streets has been organized to bring people together along Michigan Avenue and West Vernor by foot or by bike. Now, organizers are taking it to the largest park in Detroit—Rouge Park on the west side.

The event will take place in a 3.4 mile loop around the park.

Open Streets Detroit is currently looking for volunteers and program partners for the event, which is currently scheduled to take place July 21.

Open Streets traditionally closes down streets to cars and instead opens the streets to pedestrians and bikes, celebrating fitness, community, and recreation.

Rouge Park spans over 1,100 acres on Detroit’s west side, from I-96 to the north down to Warren Avenue. It’s home to the Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Center and stables, a butterfly garden, trails, a pool, D-Town Farm, and a campground for youth recently reopened.

Note: The original article stated that MoGo bikes would be available at the event. We’ve received notification that they will not be and we’ve corrected the article.