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5 big properties for sale near Michigan Central Station

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Land, a warehouse, and an old hospital

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

We don’t know Ford’s plans for Michigan Central Station yet, but property owners are banking on big returns for their buildings or land within reach of the old train station. Big in stature or big in price, here are five noteworthy properties we’ve seen listed in the area.

2100 15th Street: $2,000,000

Since the announcement, we’re sure you’ve been dreaming of what you could build on a piece of land right next to the train station. If you have $2 million lying around, here’s your chance. This one popped up right after the big announcement this week—great timing! Located at the corner of 15th and Dalzelle, here’s 8,500 square feet of land for commercial use, with 180 feet of frontage. If you build it (whatever it is), they will come.

Google Street View

2401 20th Street: $7,500,000

Someone please put the Southwest Detroit Hospital out of its misery. You can see right through it. Recently, a sign went up at the site saying, “Mixed Use Development Coming Soon 2020.” It’s still under ownership of Dennis Kefallinos, and part of the group of buildings he listed last summer.

With a key location off of Michigan Avenue where 75 and 96 meet, near the Ambassador Bridge, it’s a highly visible property that needs someone, anyone to take it. It’s listed as land, but that price is truly outrageous.

2100 20th Street: $1,500,000

Hop across the train tracks and here’s an industrial warehouse—and possibly a business—for sale. O’Connor Real Estate lists this 13,900-square-foot building with office space, a lot, and cranes. The listing states, “Reymar Steel business can be included in sale.” It certainly has close proximity to the train station action.

James Tumey/Friedman Real Estate

Pine Street & Fisher Service Drive: $1,742,000

Just over 1-75, 1.34 acres of land recently went up for sale in North Corktown. This can be used for retail, residential, or commercial, and it’s a quick walk across the pedestrian bridge to Corktown proper. Will we start seeing more development and plans in this neighborhood? Seems like it.

Courtesy of James Tumey/Friedman Real Estate
James Tumey

2019 Dalzelle, 2087, 2081, 2075 Vermont: $525,000

Closer to the train station, these three houses—plus the land behind them—are still up for sale. We posted them exactly a year ago, and while there has been some interest, they still need the right buyer. The homes need a full rehab, and there’s buildable land included. Many scoffed at the price last year; does it look more reasonable now?