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Haunted Eloise complex sold by Wayne County

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For $1


An old psychiatric hospital in Westland has changed hands and will be redeveloped in the next few years. According to the Detroit News, Wayne County sold the Eloise Hospital Complex to developers for $1, with a $20 million redevelopment plan in place.

The new owners—GH Consulting, Morgan Development and Samaritas Family Center—will create 70-80 affordable senior housing units and space for Samaritas Family Center housing and The Emergency Food Assistance Program at the complex.

Wayne County had previously tried to sell the Eloise complex for $1.5 million. A movie based on the complex and shot around metro Detroit called Eloise was released in early 2017.

The 28-acre property—dating back to 1839 with buildings added throughout the years—includes a fire station, bakery, and a decomissioned power plant. The main building is known as the Kay Beard Building and has housed senior and Head Start programs before. The site has been home to a mental hospital and tuberculosis sanatorium, at one point taking care of 8,000 patients daily.

There’s also a cemetery on the site, which the Free Press says the developer will maintain.

The complex has been popular in the ghost-hunting circles, with some reporting a woman in white on the property, plus spooky noises.

Wayne County is expected to save $375,000 a year with the sale of the property.