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Ford’s Corktown plans include renovation of book depository, huge new build

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So long, brass factory

Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Ford’s plans for its Corktown campus aren’t set in stone yet, but we’re learning more about what could go into each building—and which buildings will stay. David Dubensky, chairman and CEO of Ford Land, discussed some of the plans the company has in mind for the Corktown campus.

The building at 2051 Rosa Parks Boulevard—an old Brass Factory—will be torn down due to environmental issues, reports Crain’s. In its place, a new building up to 600,000 square feet will rise. The purpose for this building: mixed-use, of course.

To note: This was the site of Curbed Detroit’s office, when Curbed Detroit had an office! There was once even a house in the middle of the site at one point. Wild!

The Factory—where some Ford employees have already moved—is located just down the street.

Next to Michigan Central Station, the Book Depository will get a makeover. Expect offices, retail, and possibly housing.

And in Michigan Central Station itself, Ford is talking about putting residential up on the top floors. We can hardly imagine the competition to get into those penthouses, but we did see some of the views recently.

For those who are insistent that trains run through here again, no worries. The Free Press says that they plan to keep some of the tracks, “in case passenger trains come back in vogue.”

Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

2051 Rosa Parks

2051 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit, MI 48216