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Iron Belle Trail open house to discuss Belle Isle multiuse trail plans

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A six-mile trail around the island park is in the works

Belle Isle from above.
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

In the coming years, a statewide trail will run all the way from Belle Isle up to Ironwood in the Upper Peninsula. Spanning 2,000 miles and passing through many towns and cities in Michigan, the Iron Belle Trail is about 68 percent complete at this point.

With Belle Isle as one end point, a meeting is coming up this week to discuss a six-mile trail planned for the island park. The trail design is expected to be complete in September this year, with construction starting next year. According to the Michigan DNR, the 10-foot wide multiuse trail will include:

  • Trail alignment between the island’s main loop drive and the Detroit River.
  • Distance markers.
  • Boardwalk along the water’s edge where space is not sufficient for a paved trail.
  • Defined crosswalks at key points to connect to interior island trails.
  • Existing bike lane to remain on left side of road for high-speed cyclists.
  • Project coordination with the Lake Okonoka Restoration project.

The meeting, hosted by the DNR, takes place at Flynn Pavillion Wednesday, June 27 at 6:30 p.m.