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Do you have any items from Michigan Central Station?

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If so, maybe you should give them back

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The news of Ford buying and renovating Michigan Central Station has brought out some strong emotions in people. Many have such faith in them, that they’ve started returning items that were stolen back in the day when the old train station wasn’t secure.

Most notably, a large clock that adorned the carriage house has been returned. Ford reps tells us that they’ve received calls to return lighting, decorative tiles, ticket stubs, an elevator transom, and more. They’re trying to follow up on all of these calls and get the items returned to their home.

But Ford is looking for specific items as they undertake the massive renovation. Specifically, they tell us the number one item is lighting. The company is also looking for ticket window grilles, the interior clock, more elevator transom panels, and historic hardware throughout the station.

As we look ahead at the next chapter for this majestic building, wouldn’t the train station be better off if more of its original character was introduced into the design?

Here’s a look at what Michigan Central Station looked like in its heyday. Anything look familiar? Contact Donnell Elwood at Ford Land at 313-322-1092 with any old items.

Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216