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For $99.9K, a sharp, move-in ready black brick Tudor

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Photos by Sando Elia Photography

Looking for a move-in ready home that stands out from the rest? This new listing is not your average flip. The owners touched basically every square inch of the house; they also painted the exterior a sharp black and added a new garage. It’s priced at $99,900, with the option of purchasing the custom furniture for $3,000.

The house comes in at 1,280 square feet, with three bedrooms, one bath, and an office. The owners added new hardwood floors, subway tiling and new cabinetry in the kitchen, modern light fixtures, statement or accent walls, a new roof, and new windows. The house was previously owned by a man who raised five children there, and now it’s ready for a new owner and family. It’s located just east of the Lodge, off Meyers Road near the Home Depot. It’s listed through Ashley Mann at Hall & Hunter Birmingham.