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Updated Boston-Edison home with modern kitchen asks $376K

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Photos by Stylish Detroit

About 900 houses sit within the Boston-Edison Historic District, and it seems like we see a different house listed every week. These homes were mainly built between 1905 and 1925, and admittedly, many of us are fascinated with how they are renovated. While we’ve seen a few cringe-worthy flips, many renovators take the time to do it right, and add modern conveniences while keeping the integrity of these beautiful homes.

This new listing has an interesting take on one of the most debated rooms in these houses—the kitchen. Often times when these houses were built, the kitchens were an afterthought, tucked away and hidden, not where the family would actually congregate. We’re living in different times when buyers want more open floor plans. This 1921 house keeps the layout but adds open shelving on subway tile—a simple, hopefully clutter-free design—with an island for seating. The refrigerator is tucked away with more storage to the side. The kitchen leads to a gorgeous dining room with decorative wrought iron in the archways. The living room has a dark fireplace and big windows. Upstairs, find four bedrooms, including an open third floor. The backyard has a lovely seating area next to the garage. It’s listed for $376,000 by Austin Black II for City Living Detroit.