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Updated North End home seeks $165K

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Photos by Stylish Detroit

Where can house hunters in Detroit find move-in ready, single-family homes fairly close to downtown for under $200,000? One area that we’re finding them is the North End, which has seen a lot of houses revamped in the last few years. This new listing is coming in with some sleek updates and a decent price: it’s listed at $165,000, or $110 per square foot.

This 1911 house is 1,500 square feet, with four bedrooms and only one bath. It has a handsome old staircase, a shiny new fireplace finished with porcelain tiles, a fresh kitchen with butcher block counters, and hardwood floors in many of the rooms. It also has a large backyard, and it’s close to parks and urban farms. It sits a few blocks from Woodward and East Grand Boulevard, near New Center and a few miles outside of downtown. It’s listed through Nika Jusufi at Max Broock Realtors.