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Midcentury fixer-upper in Old Redford lists again for $55K

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Let’s try this again

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

To say that this midcentury gem in Old Redford sparked some interest when it listed in May is an understatement. Many had big dreams for the house, but the offer O’Connor ended up going with couldn’t get the numbers to work. So here we are again. It’s recently relisted and they’ve already had a lot of showings. It’s one of those houses where it’s easy to dream of what could be, but it’s going to take a lot of work to get there.

When we posted it in May, many thought the kitchen alone would be worth the investment. Some brought up concerns about the condition and location of the house. A commenter suggested a privacy fence to replace the chain-link; one said the backyard overlooked a used car lot. It has an incredible living room with a fireplace and a wall of windows, and that kitchen... This time around, will it find the right owner to bring it back to its original beauty? It’s listed through Vincent Mazzola at O’Connor Real Estate.

17741 Redfern