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DDOT offers free MoGo bike passes to fill in connection gaps

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The pilot program starts today

A MoGo station downtown
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

As the region struggles to agree on a transit solution, Detroit’s bus service has made some clear improvements to its system within the city. Recently, DDOT launched a pilot program with Lyft to get riders to their destinations along the Woodward corridor. Now, DDOT is teaming up with MoGo, Detroit’s bike share, to offer more options for its riders.

Here’s how the pilot program works: all DDOT customers who purchase a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly DDOT pass can pick up a free 30-day MoGo pass at the DDOT Main Office, Rosa Parks Transit Center, or Coleman Young Municipal Center. The program kicks off today, July 2, and will offer 2,000 passes on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Much like the Lyft program, this partnership is meant to fill in connection gaps and help riders get to and from work, home, or school.

MoGo has 43 stations and 430 bikes in its program, although the stations are contained within the boundaries of the North End to Southwest Detroit to the Villages.

“This is an exciting partnership with MoGo,” said Angelica Jones, Interim Director for DDOT. “We realize that for some quick and shorter distance trips, DDOT’s fixed route service may not be the most efficient mode of transportation and launching a program such as this one gives our riders options to meet their diverse transit needs.”

DDOT is also proposing some major route changes this fall, including reductions on certain lines (Woodward, Gratiot) and improvements to others. Public hearings are scheduled for July 9 & 10.