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Corktown 4-unit property with landscaped lot seeks $600K

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

This week, we’re seeing some income properties go up for sale in prominent locations. Yesterday, we checked out a 1900 Woodbridge multi-family home that still needed to be finished, and listed for $500K. Today, we have a four-unit home—also dating back to 1900—right on a desirable Corktown street. The units themselves aren’t anything fancy—two bedrooms, one bath, clean—but the sale also comes with a park-like side lot that has room to garden. Lovely! The property is listed for $599,900.

This home is located on Bagley Street, close to the shops and businesses along Michigan Avenue and Bagley & Trumbull. It’s also close to downtown, and just down the block from some of the more expensive lofts for sale right now. The units have newer kitchens and baths, and the listing states that two are currently vacant and the others are renting for below market value. Hmmm. It’s listed through Lauren Bruyninga at O’Connor Real Estate.