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Maintenance, security issues linger at Orleans Landing

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The riverfront development opened last year

Photo by Robin Runyan

Orleans Landing is marketed as “Waterfront luxury apartments,” but some residents disagree. Taking a look at Google and Facebook reviews of the newer development, you’ll find multiple descriptions of ongoing maintenance and security issues. Former resident Jacki Hoag, who just gave her keys back this week, told Curbed about some of these issues in detail.

Hoag says that the parking lot gates have been broken for the majority of the year, allowing anyone to come in at any time. This has led to a number of break-ins. Hoag says her fiance parked on the street one night, and his car was side swiped. No cameras caught it and no note was left.

In addition, general maintenance issues plague the new development. Hoag says that their front door would often stick and the problem was reported and not addressed. Also, their bathtub had a crack in it and after repeated calls and mold growing under it, maintenance came with putty as a temporary fix. After a month, they still didn’t have a new tub and the temporary fix was coming undone.

We reached out to the management and Cady Seabaugh of McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc. addressed some of our questions. In terms of the parking gate security, Seabaugh says, “The site has twelve parking lot gates and we have had problems with people running through the gates to get in and out of the property. As a result, at various times, different gates have been broken and under repair throughout the first year of operations. We are currently looking into more permanent solutions to the problem, for example, a completely different gate design.”

In terms of security, Seabaugh notes the location of the development—in the middle of a major downtown area, “surrounded by great amenities and popular destinations that make us very visible to a wide audience, including criminals.” She states that the development does have various cameras, on-site security, and secure parking, and that residents should not leave valuables in their car.

Seabaugh says that management has a 48-hour turnaround time for maintenance issues, but since this is a fairly new development, some issues are warranty-related and need to be addressed by the general contractor, increasing the turnaround time. “As the warranty issues get addressed, we expect many of the maintenance concerns to ease,” she says.

Orleans Landing sits along the east Riverfront, about a half mile from the Ren Cen. It borders the popular Riverwalk and is close to the Dequindre Cut. Last year, many residents spoke up about drag racing and noise outside the apartments. Per their leasing site, apartments range anywhere from $1,460 to $3,101 per month. Seabaugh also told us that their first retail business has signed a lease and will open shortly.