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Woodbridge condo near Wayne State asks $320K

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With a beautiful kitchen

Photos by Real Vision

Depending on where one’s looking, the condo market in Detroit can range from $200 per square foot up to $500. Midtown and Brush Park condos consistently list and sell for around $300 per square foot. Just outside of Midtown, and a straight shot down Grand River to downtown, the Woodbridge neighborhood also has a few condo options available. Situated near Corktown and Wayne State, it’s a dense, eclectic area with big old single-family homes and duplexes, plus a few apartment buildings.

This new listing sits in one of those buildings in the northern part of the neighborhood closest to Wayne State. This one-possibly-two-bedroom condo has heated slate floors, warm tones in the paint and the cabinetry, Pewabic tiling in its updated kitchen, a bar that might stay, and two bathrooms. It comes in at 1,400 square feet, and it’s listing for $320,000, or $229 per square foot. It’s listed through Katie Teeley with Quest Realty.