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Partially-renovated Hubbard Farms multifamily property wants $600K

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With 5 townhouses

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve seen a few multifamily properties list this summer, as the need for housing will increase with Ford’s move into Corktown. This new listing in Hubbard Farms is close to the train station, tucked away very close to I-75 and a few blocks from Clark Park in southwest Detroit. It also has more unique characteristics than other apartments we’ve seen. This one is partially-renovated, with three of the five units complete. The price? $600,000.

Each of the five townhouses has two bedrooms, an attic, a basement, and a porch, with a small courtyard for residents. The renovated units are fairly neutral with light grey paint, hardwood floors, and new kitchens and bathrooms. We also see some older details in the units that need to be fixed up. It seems like some exterior work would go a long way here. Residents only have street parking, though. It’s close to many shops and restaurants in both Southwest Detroit and Corktown, and it’s listed through Brandon Lee at O’Connor Real Estate.