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Downtown Detroit traffic: Street closures, multiple events Thursday evening

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Plan ahead if you’re downtown

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Heading to or from downtown Thursday evening? Take note: Two major events are happening downtown—or close to downtown—on August 30: the Aretha Franklin Tribute Concert at Chene Park and a Lions home game. Street closures for the weekend’s Jazz Fest are also starting tonight. For anyone planning on attending these events, or anyone who works downtown, you might want to plan your route ahead.

In addition to these events, Wicked is currently running at the Detroit Opera House, with a performance tonight.

Of course, parking and traffic issues can be mostly avoided by taking a DDOT or SMART bus, the Qline, or the People Mover. MoGo bikes are available at a variety of locations, or hop on a Lime or Bird scooter. Note: The Qline will go as far as Campus Martius, and resume normal service to Congress Street on Tuesday.

Aretha Franklin Tribute Concert

The free concert (tickets were claimed within minutes) for the Queen of Soul starts at Chene Park at 6 p.m. The city is advising those coming in from I-75 to take 375 and exit at Jefferson (Larned has some utility work underway).

The city says that parking will be relaxed around the area, and two lots will be open for the concert. Drivers shouldn’t park in front of alleys or driveways, by handicap signs, or in front of bus stops, or they will ticket and/or tow.

Some streets will be closed in the area:

  • Chene will be two lanes southbound to allow access to parking lots
  • Chene will be closed at Jefferson once parking lots are full
  • Restricted traffic on Atwater between St. Aubin and Dubois
  • No traffic on Atwater from Dubois to Chene

Lions preseason game

The Detroit Lions play the Cleveland Browns at 7 p.m. Thursday night at Ford Field. Those coming in from the Lodge should take the Bagley exit. From 375, take Mack. And on I-75, take Rosa Parks Boulevard.

With the Lions game in the mix, expect heavy traffic and full parking lots in Eastern Market and Corktown.

Detroit Jazz Festival

One of Detroit’s best—and free—music festivals starts Friday, but street closures will start tonight.

Street closures:

Beginning 8:30 p.m. on August 29

  • Northbound Woodward Avenue from Larned to Monroe
  • Southbound and northbound Woodward between Campus Martus and State/Gratiot
  • Eastbound Monroe from Campus Martius to Farmer
  • Both sides of Cadillac Square from Campus Martius to Bates

Beginning 8 p.m. on August 30

  • Southbound Woodward from Michigan to Larned
  • Fort from Griswold to Woodward
  • Westbound Monroe from Farmer to Campus Martius
  • East and westbound Michigan between Griswold and Woodward

Beginning 10 a.m. on August 31

  • Congress between Bates and Griswold

Chene Park Detroit

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