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Rejoice! Michigan Central Station will get new windows

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Historic preservationists have reason to celebrate. The Detroit News reports that the shoddy windows the Morouns installed in 2015 will be replaced in Ford’s redevelopment of Michigan Central Station.

Over 1,000 windows were installed in the old train station in 2015; the results frankly look cheap.

It’s not known when the windows will be replaced, since redevelopment plans are in the very early stages. According to the News,

“Our plan is to restore the building to its historical status ... we think the windows are not historically correct,” said Dawn Booker, spokeswoman for Ford Land Development Co.

In its plans for Michigan Central Station, Ford also plans to reactive and restore the Grand Hall as a community space with local retail and restaurants. Offices will go in the tower, with the possibility for residential on the top two floors.

Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Ford plans to bring about 2,500 of its employees into Corktown over multiple properties, with another 2,500 employees from its partner agencies. The total redevelopment of its Corktown campus should take about four years.

While design plans are in the early stages, it’s reassuring to know the window replacement is a priority for the grand old station.

Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216