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First rental units now leasing at the Selden Corridor Initiative

Photos by Scott McCabe

One of the biggest developments underway in Midtown right now is the Selden Corridor Initiative, which will bring single-family Ecohomes, a Barcade, a brewery school, a restaurant, a tech accelerator, and a courtyard to Selden Street in summer 2019. It involves both rehabbing older buildings and the construction of new homes. Part of the development—seven for-rent apartments—are now finished and open for leasing.

Midtown Detroit Inc. tells us that they don’t have exact pricing at 644 Selden worked out yet—although they’ll be rented around market-rate—since much of the site is still under construction. The units are one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath apartments ranging from 1,210 to 1,388 square feet with an open concept layout, balconies, heated bathroom floors, in-unit washer and dryers, and access to a shared rooftop deck.

644 Selden from the street
Renderings by VolumeOne Design Studio, Detroit

The 14 4th Street Ecohomes coming in the development will be delivered in groups. Midtown Detroit Inc. tells us that the first group will come later this year or in the first quarter of next year, while the rest will come in summer 2019. These are selling for over $300 per square foot. The new single-family homes are a change of pace in the neighborhood; most for-sale units in Midtown are condos or lofts.

The Selden Corridor Initiative is a micro-district strategy for Midtown, with different kinds of housing, businesses, and restaurants coming to the area along Selden.