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For $85K, a cute, renovated home in East English Village

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Photos courtesy of Ryan Lally

Starter homes can be hard to come by in Detroit these days. When we look for starter homes, we generally look for houses that don’t need a lot of work. Maybe they’re on the smaller side. And the price should be fairly conservative. Bonus if they’re in a great neighborhood. This new listing in East English Village checks off all of these boxes. It’s an older house that’s had some new renovations. The layout is a little odd, and it has a backyard for entertaining. It’s coming in at $85,000.

The house is a manageable 1,100 square feet, with one bath and one or two bedrooms. The master bedroom is on the second floor; skylights add extra natural light. On the first floor, the owner would have the choice of a living space or an additional bedroom (floorplans are included in the listing). The large deck has a brick-enclosed grill, and the backyard has a shed. It’s a cute house in a great neighborhood, and it’s listed through Ryan Lally.