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New residents move into City Modern in Brush Park

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The first condos are complete

Exterior photos by Robin Runyan

One of Detroit’s largest residential developments currently under construction now has new residents. We visited the site for a quick update as more residences prepare to open this fall.

When we last visited the site in June, representatives told us that they expected move-ins to start in the condos this summer. A tipster who moved in late August sent us a few photos from inside her new condo.

A Bedrock representative tells us that nine of the condos are currently occupied, and 24 of the total 104 condos are still on the market.

Bedrock also tells us that they expect to start leasing 124 Alfred—the apartment building for seniors—in October. This building will have 54 apartments (mostly one-bedroom, with seven two-bedrooms) for people 55 and over who make 30-60 percent of the Area Median Income. This building will also have first-floor retail space and 40 parking spots below ground. It’s located a block up from Woodward, so we’ll start to see more businesses coming into the neighborhood.

124 Alfred

In total, City Modern will bring over 400 new residential units to the Brush Park neighborhood. This will include apartment buildings, condos and townhouses, and the renovation of historic homes. The transformation of this historic neighborhood is incredible; in the coming years, we can expect more than 1,000 new residences from multiple developments across the neighborhood. Here are a few more scenes from around the City Modern construction site.

An apartment building rising at Brush & Division
Historic homes (single-family in the middle, duplexes otherwise) currently being renovated.