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Hygienic Dress League’s new installation will land at the Conners Creek Power Plant

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October 18-20

Photo by Jon Deboer

A decommissioned power plant will be the next venue for a large-scale art installation in Detroit. Conceptual artist-duo Steve and Dorota Coy, known as the Hygienic Dress League, will present “Value Proposition” October 18-20, 6 to 10 p.m. at the Conners Creek Power Plant.

Photo: Jon Deboer

DTE owns the 75-acre Conners Creek Power Plant site on Detroit’s east side, which is currently in talks to be redeveloped. Detroit’s riverfront has often been used for industrial purposes, and the new installation explores the idea of water and its value. This installation—the largest to-date for the duo—explores the idea that although water is more useful than diamonds in regards to survival, diamonds are more valuable on the market.

In addition to the diamond-shaped light installation, the property will also hold a 600-pound life-size elephant—called Limited Edition—studded with more than 350,000 aurora borealis rhinestones.

A life-size model elephant covered with more than 350,000 aurora borealis (AB) rhinestones and weighing 600 pounds
Photo: Jon Deboer

Spirit of the Forest will be on site as well, composed of glowing human bodies with deer heads.

A sculptural installation of human figures with deer heads that are cast in aluminum and composed of UV lights and UV paint.
Photo: Hygienic Dress League

The Hygienic Dress League’s work has been seen in twenty cities and ten countries. In Detroit, you can see it along the Dequindre Cut, and a rhino installation was on display for Murals in the Market. Last year, their birds took “Flight” over the esplanade on Woodward Avenue. The Knight Foundation is supporting the current “Value Proposition” installation.

Visitors should enter from the Edison Boat Club at 100 Lycaste Street. Those expecting to visit should register here.