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Free pop-up work spaces now open in Capitol Park

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Through early November

The glass huts in Capitol Park are filled with local vendors during the holidays and summer. But until early November, the public is welcome to use the huts as workspace, for free.

It’s a program through dPop, who designed each of the workspaces. Each hut is designed differently—some with standing desks, some with no desk, some with multiple chairs, etc. Users will be asked to fill out a survey and vote for their favorite hut, and dPop plans to track user activity and see how people respond to the different workspaces. Desks and chairs give a variety of different heights and textures, and visitors can experience natural light based on the time of day.

Reps from dPop tell Curbed that the opportunity came about as the huts were open between seasons. It gives Detroiters a chance to do something new with workspaces, and gives the designers feedback on what designs they like and what kinds of environments people gravitate toward.

The installation is a partnership between Bedrock, the Quicken Loans Community Fund, and the Downtown Detroit Partnership. The huts are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on a first come, first serve basis.