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Detroit development news: DDP offers updates on downtown construction

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With many projects finishing in the next six months

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The Downtown Detroit Partnership presented updates on significant development projects in the Central Business District to its stakeholders yesterday. While many of the projects are covered on Curbed’s giant construction map, some others that are nearing completion are worth noting.

The 21 projects covered represented over $1.54 billion in investment, and nearly 3.5 million square feet of residential, retail, and office space.

Here are a few projects that are not currently on our map.

  • The Church of Scientology is nearly finished renovating its building at One Griswold. This building is notable because it’s where the first Ste. Anne de Detroit was first built right after the founding of Detroit in 1701. The Church of Scientology has owned the building for a few years, and has been working on it extensively for the past year. Signage and lighting is up; Curbed has reached out to the Church for updates, but they have not provided any thus far.
  • Gabriel Houze at 305 Michigan Avenue is listed at having a completion date of fall 2018. This renovation is expected to bring 107 rental units to the building.
  • Philip Houze at 415 Clifford Street has a completion date of September 2018, with 100 new apartments available. Their site is pre-leasing.
  • 139 Cadillac Square, formerly the Lawyer’s Building, is currently under renovation through the Ferlito Group. The building has 45 apartments and a very busy 7-Eleven. The renovation should be complete by the end of the year.
  • 220 West Congress Street is currently undergoing a renovation led by Basco. When completed, expect lofty office space, new storefronts, and an activated green alley next to this financial district property.
  • Earlier this year, Curbed showcased the new cornice on the Grinnell Building. 1515-1529 Woodward have gone through extensive restorations, and LinkedIn is expected to move into the Sanders Building. These should be completed by the end of the year.

The report also briefly covers a number of projects in the pipeline, including many surrounding Harmonie Park, the fail jail site, and some in pre-development by Olympia. Expect more on those in the next few years. The full report from the DDP can be accessed here. The DDP also updates several development projects downtown on their website.