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Historic West Canfield home needs work, asks $620K

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On one of the most beautiful streets in Detroit

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

In early August, a large home that needed a complete rehab on West Canfield listed for $750K. Readers thought the price was way too high for the amount of work needed (the price has since dropped to $699K). Its neighbor has just listed, again with a big price tag and a lot of work that needs to happen. It also has options. It’s listing for $620,000.

This house spans 3,554 square feet and has five bedrooms, two baths, two kitchens, and the possibility to either convert back to single-family, keep it as rentals, or convert to condos. It has some great woodwork in the staircase and around the windows, as well as some handsome fireplaces, but the house also has questionable kitchen design choices and office-like carpeting. What would you do with this property? It’s listed through David Knapp at O’Connor Real Estate.