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MoGo bike share, Lyft now starting partnership in Detroit

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

This year in Detroit transit, partnerships have been key in increasing mobility for residents. The bus system has partnered with both Lyft—a ride-hailing service, and MoGo—the city’s bike share, to help riders with connections. Now Lyft and MoGo are partnering themselves.

Currently, MoGo has 43 bike share stations, but they’re limited to areas around the Central Business District, including Southwest Detroit, the North End, and West Village. Now, in a six-month pilot program, Lyft will offer discounts to MoGo riders near one of these stations.

In this program, MoGo daily pass holders will get a $5 discount code for one Lyft ride to or from any MoGo station, valid for one week, after purchasing their pass. Monthly or annual pass holders will receive a $5 discount code for up to five Lyft rides for one month.

“MoGo and Lyft share the same goals of helping get people where they need to go, whether to work, school, running errands, or connecting with friends and family,” said Lisa Nuszkowski, founder and executive director, MoGo. “We are excited to provide another element of value to our riders through this partnership with Lyft by encouraging people to get out of their cars and using one of our shared services.”

MoGo plans on expanding into more Detroit neighborhoods and some northern suburbs in 2019.