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Buy this Detroit cathedral, yours for $299K

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

In 2015, we visited Woods Cathedral after new owner Paul Johnson had put extensive work into the 1925 building, originally the Visitation Catholic Church. Johnson purchased the church at auction for $6,700 in 2014, after it had been abandoned since around 2006, and went to work on replacing the damaged roof (the copper roof was stripped off), asbestos remediation, and general clean-up and renovations of the structure.

Since that time, the cathedral has been used for a variety of art events, including Culture Lab and Detroit Art Week. Johnson is now ready to move on and is listing the cathedral for $299,000.

It’s really a perfect place for a gallery or exhibit, but we love to think of different possibilities and reuses for structures like this. Of course there’s the stunning sanctuary space above, but the 25,000-square-foot building also has a gym, a stage, and various smaller rooms within. It sits on just under two acres of land north of Boston-Edison on the west side of the Lodge, and it’s listed through Brandon Lee at O’Connor Real Estate.