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Former school in Midtown to transform into workspace, ‘business ecosystem’

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Industry Detroit will open in 2020.

Courtesy of Industry

A prominent former school in Midtown will be converted into a “business ecosystem.” A partnership between Denver-based Industry, Midtown Detroit Inc., and Invest Detroit will turn the Thomas Jefferson Intermediate School into Industry Detroit in 2020.

The 100,000-square-foot school will be repurposed into more than just a space for entrepreneurs and artists—the organizers will use it for workforce training for hospitality, culinary arts, and restaurant operations. The 1922 building—listed on the National Register of Historic Places—includes a library with mahogany shelving, lockers, an auditorium, and a pool. Tenants will also be able to share patios, meeting rooms, and kitchens.

The school, located at Selden and the Lodge Service Drive, is near another redevelopment that will offer training in the service industry—the Selden Corridor Initiative.

Industry currently has two similar spaces in Denver and Salt Lake City, and apply adaptive reuse principles to transform historic buildings into modern work spaces. Co-founder Ellen Winkler says, “Saving old buildings is one of our core values and the bones of these buildings are incredible. We love designing spaces and places that stay true to the soul of a city. We couldn’t be happier to be kicking off Industry Detroit.”