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This new Airbnb is a loving tribute to Motown

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Motown (that’s what I want)

A vinyl-covered floor and a blue wall painted with five tuxedo-wearing dancers. Photos courtesy of David King

A new Airbnb in Detroit that just listed on October 1 has got to be one of the more impressively themed rentals on the site. The home on West Grand Boulevard has been turned into the “Motown BNB,” complete with wall-sized murals, jukeboxes, and memorabilia—all dedicated to Motown Records.

Owner David King, who was born and raised in Detroit, bought the property in 2015 for $48,000. He estimates that it had been abandoned for 15 years and was in rough shape when he bought it. When thinking about how to renovate the duplex, he heard stories from residents about how Motown musicians would hang out and play songs in the neighborhood.

“There’s got to be something more I can offer to share that experience,” King thought at the time. “What if we turn it into an Airbnb, where we could offer not just a place to stay, but also an experience of the things that made Detroit and Motown famous?”

A brick duplex with dormer windows and a second-story deck.
The home on West Grand Boulevard.

Right down the street, of course, is the Motown Museum, where Berry Gordy produced many of the label’s most famous records.

King commission local artist David Young to paint Motown-themed murals on walls throughout the house. There’s three jukeboxes filled with Motown 45s—one each for the basement, first floor, and second floor. The basement also has a vinyl-covered dance floor and pool table. Bedrooms have themes based on Motown musicians like Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, and Rick James.

And of course there’s Motown memorabilia, album covers, and photos everywhere.

“It’s all an extension of the positiveness of Motown,” King says. He’s also excited about the timing of the museum’s $50-million expansion. (Though maybe less so about the city’s proposed short-term rental ordinance.)

Guests can rent all three floors of the over 3,000-square-foot home for $800 a night on Airbnb. Floors can also be rented individually: $400 for the first floor, $350 for the second, and $250 for the third-floor studio. All units have access to the shared spaces like the basement. In total, the home sleeps up to 18 people.

Check out the photos to see the amazing rental for yourself.

A jukebox in a living room with a black leather couch and painting with silhouetted singers.
First floor living room.
A gray sectional couch right below a big “Motown” mural. A large vinyl painting is on the wall of the next room.
There’s murals throughout the Airbnb.
A bedroom with red walls and a screen print of Rick James, and framed 45-inch vinyl.
The “Rick James” room.
A bedroom with a blue-painted wall and several framed photos of Smokey Robinson. There’s a wood dresser and side-table next to the bed.
The “Smokey Robinson” room.
A dining room table with black leather chars and yellow drapes on the windows. There’s a Supremes mural with the words “Stop! In the name of love” on the wall.
Second floor dining room.
A deck with a few couches.
Second-story deck.
A carpeted room with light blue walls and a brown couch. A ladder lead to a little lofted space.
Third-floor studio.

Motown Museum

2648 West Grand Boulevard, , MI 48208 (313) 875-2264 Visit Website