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Construction begins on new marquee at the Majestic Theatre

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It’s part of the venue’s $1 million renovations that began last year

Facade of a several-story Art Deco building with orange paint and vertical strikes of blue and white. There’s also a blue awning over the ground-floor windows.
The old facade at the Majestic Theatre complex.
Wikimedia Commons

Work has been underway since last year upgrading one of Detroit’s longest running venues. And now it’s set to get a new marquee.

The Majestic Theatre embarked on a $1 million renovation in May 2018 to build out a curb-facing box office, replace the Majestic Cafe with a lobby and bar, as well as expand and restore its main theater.

A major part of the renovation also involves installing a new Art Deco facade and marquee, set to begin this week.

The retro look—based off the old 1935 sign that used to be on the building—includes neon colors, a classic reader board under canopy lighting, and a limestone and black granite facade.

One of the renovation’s primary goals, particularly of the facade work, is to increase foot traffic. “We need curb appeal,” Dave Zainea, co-owner of the theater, told the Detroit Free Press last year. “The venue now is unrecognizable.”

According to WXYZ Detroit, the bulk of the new marquee will be in place next week.

The Majestic Theatre

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