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A wooden picture frame with a print that depicts a road with grass on both sides and words that read: Belle Isle sits in front of a colorful geometric patterned background. Hardwood Picture Frames by Mutual Adoration

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9 holiday gifts for people who love Detroit

From locally made vases to a Jack White-approved vinyl carrier

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With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to find that perfect present for everyone on your list. If that list includes fans of the Motor City, or those who want to rep Detroit in their home, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve chosen some of the best Detroit-themed and Detroit-made presents around, from a classic vase to a Jack White approved–vinyl carrier. Happy gift giving!

Side table

$205 | Floyd

The design-forward furniture company is probably best known for its “Floyd leg,” but it also makes this handy side table that comes in several color combos. The piece, which can double as a stool, is a great introduction to Floyd’s entire line, which now includes sofas and lighting.

A side table in a living area is in front of a window. On the table are a stack of books, headphones, and a stone mug.

Thanks for the View Mr. Mies (second edition)

$20.99 | Metropolis Books

This human-centric portrait of Lafayette Park is an essential read for anyone interested in Detroit and the Mies van der Rohe–designed neighborhood. It features essays by and interviews with residents on the history of Black Bottom (where Lafayette Park now sits), explorations of what they enjoy about the secluded neighborhood, and other eclectic topics.

A book cover with words on the cover that read: thanks for the view, mr. mies: lafayette park detroit.

Woodward zipper tote

$29 | Détroit is the New Black

This large canvas tote with a handy zipper comes stamped with one of the city’s most recognizable names. Also not to be missed: the brand’s flagship store on Woodward Avenue, which regularly features art exhibitions and work by designers of color.

A white tote bag hangs on a white background. There are black letters on the tote bag that read: Detroit is the new black.

“Black” bar soap

$6.95 | Detroit Grooming Company

This “amber bourbon”-scented bar soap, a fan favorite, was recently rereleased as part of the brand’s Black Edition line. Handmade from olive oil, this bar soap from the men’s grooming company would be great gifted on its own or as part of a set.

A black label on a bar of soap with white letters which read: Detroit Black Bar Soap.

Belle Isle screen print

$60 | Signal Return

This serene portrait of the Belle Isle Conservatory is the perfect gift for someone who loves both Detroit and nature. It painted by a Detroit-based artist in a Detroit shop, making it as locally made as they come.

A print depicting the Belle Isle Conservatory. There is a path leading to the glass conservatory with grass on both sides.

45-rpm vinyl carrier

$50 | Third Man Records

For the design-minded record-lover. This box, which holds up to 70, fits 45-rpm records—it comes in Third Man’s signature black-and-yellow colors and is Jack White approved.

A yellow box with black stripes, a black handle, and a black lock mechanism.

Teardrop vase

$75 | Pewabic

From the legendary Detroit ceramic studio, this vase is the newest edition in a line of standout pieces. Each pot is individually hand-thrown and glazed by an in-house artisan, meaning no two are exactly alike.

Three white vases sit on a wooden surface. Some of the vases have white flowers with single stems.

Pie-making class

$80 | Sister Pie

Want to share your love of pies with a friend? Then you’ll want to get them a slot in one of Sister Pie’s dough-making workshops, where they’ll learn how to recreate the bakery’s flakery, buttery pie dough. For an additional $25, Sister Pie will throw in the “pie starter kit,” which includes a rolling pin, a metal bowl, a pastry blender, and a bench scraper.

A composite of photos that feature different steps in the pie making process. There is a person molding a pie crust, a group of assorted pies and a person looking at a freshly made pie.

Hardwood picture frames

$55 | Mutual Adoration

These frames, part of the limited-edition “Firebird Collection,” are made out of reclaimed hardwood salvaged from Greektown’s Firebird Tavern. The individually cleaned and sanded frames come in a variety of sizes.

A wooden picture frame made out of reclaimed wood.