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Coworking makes its way to Detroit’s neighborhoods

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It’s never been easier to find your coworking community

Four desks with chairs around them and some have dividers.
Inside Cocoon Detroit on East Grand Boulevard.
Courtesy of Cocoon Detroit

Ten years ago, coworking was in its infancy in Detroit. TechTown, the Green Garage, Bamboo, and WeWork were or would soon become the established players in the scene where members choose from a variety of office plans, be it a floating desk to a private room.

But more recently, coworking has exploded. Now there’s spaces all across the city that cater to a variety of clientele.

In Grandmont-Rosedale, the coworking space and business incubator Grand River Workplace opened a few years ago. Real estate–focused Cocoon Detroit in Milwaukee Junction, SpaceLab 7Mile, and ZAB Cultural Collective in East English Village opened earlier this year. A new hub in Fitzgerald catering to community-based organizations opened earlier this month.

There’s clearly a demand for coworking outside the urban core. Cocoon says there’s a waitlist for all of its private office space. After it opened, owner Stephen Harris told Model D, “My mission is to create a space for like-minded Detroiters who are passionate about our city, our community, and inclusive development.”

These buildings are outfitted with all the standard amenities of coworking spaces: coffee, Wi-Fi, printing, conference room access, and private phone booths. But they also have their own unique offerings. At Cocoon, there’s bunk beds for quick naps. At Grand River, there’s a pop-up retail storefront. At ZAB, there’s an art gallery.

Others market themselves to a specific clientele. Femology is a “female-focused” coworking space. In addition to both shared and private office space and conference rooms, there’s a wellness room with space for yoga, a podcast room, and lactation space for new moms.

The Room Project in New Center calls itself “a space for women and non-binary writers and artists to work individually and collaboratively.” Detroit Parent Collective offers both coworking space and onsite childcare. The Detroit Writing Room connects members with writing coaches and editing support.

Now more than ever, unique businesses, independent contractors, and Detroit creatives can find flexible office space to suit whatever their needs.

Green Garage

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