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Remember the Balogh House? Somehow this midcentury gem is still on the market.

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We first featured the stunning Plymouth home in October 2019, now listed for $675,000.

A geometric home with a solid side with wood siding and an ‘open’ side with a lofted living space. The home is surrounded by woods.
The Balogh House.
Photos by Vis-Home

One of our most popular home listings of 2019, which many considered priced to sell given its singular design, is somehow still on the market.

The Balogh House in Plymouth first listed in October 2019 for $750,00. Designed by architect Tivadar Balogh for his family in 1958, it won the Progressive Architecture award the same year and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.

But over 160 days later, the home is still on the market. In December 2019, it got a 10 percent price cut as well, and is now listed at $675,000.

How has this breathtaking home not sold?

Selling agent John A. Goetz suspects that some potential buyers might be deterred by the fact that it only has two bedrooms, though a local architect who worked with Mr. Balogh says the third floor loft could be converted into a third bedroom while still maintaining the character of the home. Goetz adds that, given the unique design, “it’s nearly impossible to comp a house like this.”

Nonetheless, he’s confident it will sell. “We have a bit of a hill to climb, but it will work out in the end,” Goetz told Curbed Detroit via email. “The family simply wants to find the right owner for the home.”

The Balogh House does look much bigger than its 1,905 square feet thanks to an expansive and covered outdoor living space. Landings and windows admit views of the home’s various levels and open floor plan. Ample wood paneling and the total design beautifully integrate it with the surrounding nature.

Interested in this historic property? 49800 Joy Road is listed for $675,000 with John A. Goetz of Real Estate One.

A lofted porch leads to a red front door. Large windows give a view into the living room.
Covered porch and front door.
Four red chairs surround a wood table. There’s a blue wall separating the dining room from the kitchen, and wood staircase to the left.
The house has an open floor plan. Here, the dining room and kitchen are separated by a partition.
A wood-paneled room with white couch and red chair and ottoman. A small fireplace is in the wall.
The living room has a fireplace and high ceilings.
A cement deck with a reclined chair and potted plants. There’s a rectangular space in the roof looking up the sky and woods.
Lofted outdoor space.
The home slightly obscured by trees. There’s a series of wood planks creating a screened effect on one side of the covered area.
One last view of the Balogh House.