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Completely redone Corktown home sells for $385K

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Rebuilt entirely

Photos courtesy of Alex Lauer

Back in December, we featured a cute little Corktown house with a big price tag. The house had been updated inside and out, and it listed for $445,000. It recently found a new owner for $385,000.

The shotgun-style home has gorgeous modern features, and yes, plenty of barn doors. And it’s in a highly-desirable area; the location is very walkable to nearby shops and restaurants.

But many commenters—especially on Facebook—questioned the price of the home. This wasn’t the standard flip or rehab—this was a total rebuild. Alex Lauer, the listing agent, sent some before photos to give people an idea of what went into the transformation.

The sale price comes in at $216 per square foot, comparable to other single-family homes that have sold in the neighborhood in the past year or so. Corktown, especially with the addition of Ford and the rehab of the train station, is one Detroit neighborhood to keep an eye on over the next few years.