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Rehabbed condos and new townhouses list for sale in the North End

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Part of a larger development underway

Photos by Stylish Detroit

Last spring, Develop Detroit announced plans to build new homes and rehab older homes in the North End and Grandmont-Rosedale. The first few listings have gone live, and offer a variety of options in the North End neighborhood.

The first two rehabbed condos listed first on Philadelphia Street. The three-bedroom, one-bath condos are listing for $165,000 and $175,000. These units have restored hardwood floors, big windows and fireplaces in the living rooms, new kitchens, and new tiling in the bathrooms. The condos are listed through Austin Black at City Living Detroit.

On Marston, Chandler, and Mount Vernon, new construction townhouses and single-family homes have also listed. The townhouses will be built as triplexes, and the two-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath properties range from $205,000 to $250,000. They’re also listed through City Living Detroit.

Courtesy of Develop Detroit

The development is meant to add more density and energy to the neighborhood. Real estate prices have been all over the place in the North End in the past five years. The neighborhood—adjacent to New Center, Boston Edison, and Milwaukee Junction—includes a variety of single-family homes, duplexes, and apartment buildings, as well as urban farms. Many properties have been rehabbed in recent years, while many still need attention. This new construction will add much-needed density to a central neighborhood that has many vacant lots.

We can expect more listings through this development to come online this spring. It’s one of the larger neighborhood developments underway across Detroit.