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Boston-Edison home needs work, asks $159K

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Make it into a dream home

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Many rehabbed homes in the historic Boston-Edison neighborhood have listed in recent years—some carefully restored with attention paid to original details, and some with a more ‘flipped’ aesthetic. How would you take on a fixer-upper in this district? Four or five years ago, one could snag a house here on the cheap through the Land Bank. But prices have risen in recent years, and a restoration project can sell for the price of a fully updated home in one of Detroit’s more stable neighborhoods.

This new listing offers a lot of room—2,860 square feet and five bedrooms—plus a good-sized backyard. The brick home has its hardwood floors in good shape—some refinishing would help—plus a handsome staircase and a few random radiators. It also has a fireplace in the living room, a formal dining room, a spacious kitchen, and a front porch. The listing states that some electrical, plumbing, and roof repairs have been done. This one is listed for $159,000 through O’Connor Real Estate.