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Four-bed North End rehab lists for $185,000

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This 1607-square-foot home on Philadelphia Street has been completely redone

Photos by Stylish Detroit

As development has extended outward from Midtown and New Center over the last few years, home prices in the North End have steadily risen. Now the standard price for move-in ready homes in the neighborhood regularly exceeds $100,000.

This four-bed, one-bath home on Philadelphia Street with a common design for the area is more evidence of that.

According to the seller’s agent, Davidov Real Estate, the house was in rough shape prior to renovation and needed a total overhaul. Most of the windows have been replaced, and new plumbing and electrical was installed. The house even has a new foundation.

That’s not all—it’s got brand new floors, carpet, and paint job (both interior and exterior from the looks of it), as well as totally redone bathroom and kitchen. The third-floor attic was also finished with new drywall and carpet.

560 East Philadelphia Street can be yours for $185,000.