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For $179,900, a whimsical East English Village colonial

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It’s got a fully-remodeled interior with a playful exterior and carport

Photos by Michael Nelson

Property values in East English Village have risen rapidly in the last couple years, but there’s still plenty of great homes selling at reasonable prices.

Case in point: This fully-remodeled five-bed, 1,677-square-foot colonial on Kensington Street. It’s got brand new floors, carpet, countertops, and kitchen with stainless steel appliances. While the interior doesn’t have a ton of character, the living room is expansive and has a lot of room (literally) for personalization.

But the exterior has plenty of personality. It’s got a unique, asymmetrical facade with some nice brickwork. And we love the way the roof gently slides down to become a carport.

4890 Kensington Street is listed through RE/MAX Leading Edge and can be yours for $179,000.