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What $1,000 rents in Detroit right now

There’s apartments in the Arts Center, North End, and Hamtramck

Welcome to this week’s installment of Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent for a certain dollar amount in various Detroit neighborhoods. This week we’re looking at rentals at or around $1,000.

Arts District

This 705-square-foot unit has plenty of character. It’s in an attractive brick building with some amazing tile-work on the floor and a Pewabic tile fireplace. While it has only one bedroom, there’s plenty of room (literally) for a single person or couple.

It’s also just blocks away from the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Wayne State University, and a quick jaunt to Midtown or downtown.

This apartment on Kirby Street is renting for $1,100 per month

Courtesy of Real Estate One

Far west side

Just barely in Detroit (it’s even west of Telegraph Road) is this little 792-square-foot home. The two-bedrooms, living room, and kitchen are all on the first floor and similar in size. There’s an unfinished room on the second floor for storage or a potential second bedroom.

The property has a nice backyard, some neat hedges out front, and even a shed. It’s also right next to Eliza Howell Park, one of our favorites in the city.

This house on Woodbine is renting for $900 per month.

Courtesy of Jeff Glover & Associates

North End

This apartment is in an attractive brick building right next to Arden Park and redeveloped by Century Partners, who has been doing a lot of work in the neighborhood. The 900-square-foot, two bedroom unit has new everything: hardwood floors, bathroom, and kitchen.

It’s also right around the corner from a mini-commercial block on John R that recently got a new bookstore, among other businesses.

This apartment on Kenilworth is renting for $950 per month.

Courtesy of PREP Realty


This second floor unit is for the utilitarian renter. Two-bedrooms, 1,000 square feet, basic room design. But it’s in a distinct brick mixed-use building on Joseph Campau just north of Caniff, in close proximity to Hamtramck’s main commercial district.

This apartment on Joseph Campau is renting for $1,000 per month.

Courtesy of Integrated Realty LLC


Which is your favorite rental?

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    Arts District apartment with Pewabic tiles
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  • 5%
    Tiny west side home
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  • 47%
    North End redevelopment
    (122 votes)
  • 19%
    Utilitarian Hamtramck apartment
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