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Restored Brush Park townhome from 1890s lists for $695K

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Check out that gorgeous brick facade

Photos by Stylish Detroit

A ton of new housing has been and will be coming Brush Park in the near future. The Scott (199 units) finished in 2016 and parts of City Modern, which will consist of hundreds of new townhomes and flats, are currently under construction.

Or, you could get a townhome in a beautiful brick building from the 1890s. Though it’ll cost you.

This 2814-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-floor apartment had its interior redone in 2004. There’s a private courtyard and balcony, a recreation room above the two-car garage, and two guest rooms on the third floor.

But the real reason to own a place like this is to show off the gorgeous and recently restored brick facade, which has some lovely capitals next to the front archways.

2552 John R is listed through City Living Detroit for $695,000.