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Aretha Franklin’s former Detroit home is for sale

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The 5,623-square-foot “Rose Estate” is listing for $750,000

Photos by Dan Winans

When we last checked in with Aretha Franklin’s former home, it had been bought in October 2018 by developer Anthony O. Kellum for $300,000.

At the time, the “Rose Estate”—so named for the rose imagery throughout the house and because her album A Rose Is Still a Rose was recorded when she lived there—was in a sorry state. The Tudor mansion needed new heating and electrical systems, and repairs to the slate roof. The new owner was also planning extensive renovations to the kitchen and master bathroom.

The 5,623-square-foot home has definitely been cleaned and fixed-up some, but it’s hard to tell exactly how much work has been done. The current listing says, “This home requires major renovation.”

Nonetheless, much of what made the Queen of Soul’s home so eye-catching is still present. The rose themes remain, like the wallpaper, red chandelier, and iconic rose carpet in the foyer. It still has the pink master bed, striking red claw-foot bathtub, and multi-colored tile bathroom.

The mansion itself sits on a private road off Pontchartrain Boulevard. The backyard, with its two-story bay windows and impressive solarium, spills out into the 7th hole of the Detroit Golf Club.

Want to restore an important piece of Detroit history? It’ll cost you. Aretha Franklin’s former home on 18261 Hamilton is selling for $750,000.

The “great room” with rose carpet
Solarium leading to the backyard
Master bedroom with pink bed
Master bathroom with red bathtub
The second-floor bathroom has amazing multi-colored tiles
Rear of the house, which leads to the Detroit Golf Club