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In Palmer Woods, a stunning Mediterranean-style home lists for just under $300K

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Check out that impressive stucco facade

Photos by PlanOmatic

These days, it’s rare you’ll find one of the Palmer Woods mansions—that doesn’t need a ton of work—asking for less than $500,000. And while this home is smaller than most (2,400 square feet), not only is it going for much less than most in the historic neighborhood, it’s also got some stunning architectural details.

The facade of this 1924 home is truly unique. Built in the Mediterranean style, there’s textured stucco work and spiral columns. We also love the second-floor oriel window with leaded glass.

The big front door with strap hinges opens into more stucco on the ceilings, a marble fireplace, and some period light fixtures. There’s four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and large backyard.

The house does need some work, though the listing doesn’t specify exactly what. The kitchen does look dated and some of the wallpaper choices are questionable (though not the one with zebras in an upstairs bathroom).

19595 Argyle Crescent is listing through Historic Realty Detroit for $299,995.