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For less than $100K, a rescued fire-damaged house turned designer bungalow

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This cute home also comes fully furnished

Photos by Evan Thomas

An impressive restoration project just listed for sale near Eight Mile Road and the Avenue of Fashion. A couple bought a bungalow “filled with soot and smoke damage,” according to the realtor, and turned it into a cozy, bright, and livable space.

The 1,100-square-foot, three-bedroom home has unique wood accents and some pleasant landscaping on the outside.

Inside, it’s clear the sellers took great care in the design and decor. The base color of the walls is white, but contrasts well with several of bright wallpaper patterns and colors. A hole was cut in the wall of the stairs and wood railings installed to let in more light.

The kitchen also got a complete redesign, and now has butcher block counters, stainless steel appliances, open wood shelving, and a cute (sorry, we might be overusing that word for this listing) breakfast nook.

All the contemporary furnishings have been carefully selected for the space and can come packaged with the house for an additional $3,000.

20482 Monica Street is listing through Hall & Hunter-Birmingham for $99,900.

A living room with red couch and planters across from two chairs with white cushions. On the nearby stairwell, there’s a pass through with wood framing. Photos by Evan Thomas