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Rehab this quirky East Village bungalow for $85K

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This home will require a lot of work, but has potential

Photos by Stylish Detroit

Here’s a home for those fixer-upper enthusiasts who love watching Rehab Addict.

It’s hard to classify this East Village bungalow built in 1913, which combines a few architectural styles. There’s columns spanning the entire facade, wood overhangs over the porch and front windows, and coffered ceilings in the living room.

The most distinct feature about the house is surely the sunroom, which has some attractive tiles and looks like a cozy place to enjoy the weather indoors.

Or at least it would have been at one time. That’s because, as the realtor admits, this 2,500-square-foot, three-bedroom home will require “a complete restoration.” In most rooms, the ceilings are falling apart, the paint is chipping away, and some of the windows are broken.

That said, the hardwood floors look to be in good shape and there doesn’t appear to be much water damage (though there are no pictures of the basement).

Want to put some time and money into a renovation project? 2969 Cadillac Boulevard is listed through Hawkins Realty Group for $85,000.