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Opulent S. S. Kresge Mansion, perhaps Detroit’s largest, is for sale

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The 20,000-square-foot Boston Edison home is listed for $3.25 million

Photos by Steve Stockton at Drone Your Home

The sheer size of the home is imposing: over 20,000 square feet, 14 bedrooms, 10 fireplaces, garage space for nine cars, six full bathrooms, two carriage houses with their own apartments, all on an almost four acre property that takes up two-thirds of the block.

According to the realtor, the S. S. Kresge mansion in Boston Edison is the largest residential property in Detroit. And now, it’s selling for $3.25 million.

Built in the Mediterranean Revival style in 1914 for the department store magnate, there are hundreds of incredible architectural details that make it much more than just large—its opulence and craftsmanship are perhaps unmatched in any other Detroit home.

Along the lengthy front hallway there’s a living room, music room, grand entrance, dining room, breakfast room, and solarium. You’ll find rooms not common in other homes: a walk-in bank vault, conservatory, and billiards room.

Dining room
Photo by Steve Stockton at Drone Your Home

The mansion was last purchased in 1993 and required a massive restoration. According to the Detroit Free Press, current owners Roland and Jeanne Radinski have been doing just that for the past 25 years:

When they bought the house in 1993, “It looked like a bomb had gone off,” said Roland Radinski. Some ceilings had collapsed into rooms, their intricate details ruined.

The restoration is impressive. The extravagant fireplaces and mantels, marble floors, coffered ceilings, pergola with Doric pillars, and countless ceiling medallions, moldings, woodwork—it’s all been done with incredible care and attention.

Living room
Music room
Master bath