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Weird Homes Tour returns to Detroit for second year

The one-day tour in August features 10 ‘weird’ homes

A home featured in the 2018 Weird Homes Tour
Photo by Thanin Viriyaki Photography

For the second straight year, the Weird Homes Tour is coming to Detroit.

This one-day tour of curated homes features, according to the organization, “10 of the most eccentric, funky, extraordinary, off-the-path, magical, and yes ‘weird’ homes that Detroit has to offer.”

The tour itself is not your typical guided experience. Attendees purchase a ticket, and on the day of the tour, receive a map of the homes which they can visit any time and in any order. Owners will most likely be available to answer questions about the design and aesthetic of their home.

Destinations from last year’s tour included a car-centric studio/loft in the Midtown’s Bankle Building, a three-story shipping container home in North Corktown, and a flower farm and home in Jefferson Chalmers.

Other cities that host a Weird Homes Tour include Austin, Houston, New Orleans, and Portland.

The organization also put out a call for submissions for homes to feature. If you’ve got a “weird” home that you think would be a fit for the tour, there’s still time to apply.

The Weird Homes Tour takes place on Saturday, August 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Standard tickets are $30 and VIP tickets, which get you access to a secret home, are $45. 10 percent of the proceeds from all ticket sales go to support affordable housing programs run by Southwest Housing Solutions.