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Pedini showroom opens in Detroit

It’s one of only a handful of flagship stores in the U.S. for the high-end Italian kitchen designer

Pedini kitchen template in the downtown showroom
Photos courtesy of Pedini of Detroit

The modern, high-end kitchen designer Pedini has opened up a flagship store in downtown Detroit. The Italian-based company offers highly-customizable kitchen templates for both a single customer or developers looking to outfit an entire project.

The eight showrooms in the U.S. prior to Detroit’s location have been in more expensive markets like New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. But Pedini of Detroit co-owners Stefano Mularoni and Rami Chhatwal feel the city’s burgeoning loft market makes it a prime location for a flagship store.

“This market is ripe for this product,” Chhatwal says.

Mularoni was born in Detroit but grew up in the same region where Pedini was founded. He’d wanted to get involved in the city’s “rebirth” for a while, he says. The two have been in real estate for the last few years, but this is their first foray into retail.

Pedini’s designs emphasize smooth surfaces, floor-to-ceiling cabinets that mask appliances, and some striking touches. For example, the end of the kitchen island for one template is angled inward. Another has a counter with gentle curves. When a door is opened, lights gently turn on and secret cupboards or rotating trays slide into view.

Pedini of Detroit has four templates in the showroom, but more are available. Everything can be customized from the cabinet skins and sinks to dimensions and materials.

The Detroit store stays in close contact with its Italian headquarters. To design a kitchen, customers visit the showroom by appointment and are presented with the many options. Designers from Italy work with clients to build out a 3D model of the kitchen. All the component parts are built from the company’s manufacturing facility near Pesaro, Italy.

The parts can then be sent to the U.S. in less than two weeks. Installing the kitchen is up to the customer, but Pedini will help with that as well.

Pricing for the more modest template starts at $12,000 for single buyers, but can exceed $100,000 for an expensive template with all the bells and whistles.

Pedini wants to reach the multi-family market as well, and offers different prices for contract work, determined on a project-by-project basis.

“‘Flagship’ means our prices are better than anyone else’s and our logistic time from design to delivery is going to be shorter than any other store,” Chhatwal says. “When our order goes in, ours gets processed first.”

It’s definitely noteworthy that Detroit has gotten a high-end kitchen designer only seen in the most expensive U.S. markets. Given all the multi-family developers in the works, it might have a good chance of succeeding.