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Controversial barrier at Detroit–Grosse Pointe border could be removed

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If an agreement is reached, there would be two-way traffic at Kercheval for the first time since 2014

Roundabout on Kercheval Avenue
Photo by Michelle Gerard

The border between Detroit and Grosse Pointe has been contentious for decades. At times, the wealthy suburb neighboring Detroit has made it difficult to cross, particularly on Kercheval Avenue just east of Alter Road.

Starting in 2014, Grosse Pointe Park was accused of deliberately plowing to create a snow barrier. Then it created a literal barrier, erecting a farmers market shed at the intersection, and later, five-foot tall planters at the end of a one-way roundabout that blocked two-way traffic to Detroit. It’s remained that way since.

Now, The Neighborhoods reports, that barrier may be coming down. The city of Detroit publication says the two cities will study removing the barrier, dependent on the sale of property owned by Detroit in Grosse Pointe Park.

The city currently owns a parcel at 15003 Jefferson, which it has planned to sell to the Urban Renewal Initiative Foundation (URIF) for $300,000. As part of the land sale, Grosse Pointe Park has agreed to modify their traffic island located on Jefferson Avenue immediately west of the intersection at Lakepointe Street.

Grosse Pointe Park would remove the planters blocking the street to create a “traditional four-way roundabout” that allows for traffic in both directions.

There’s no information about when this proposal would go before Detroit City Council. We’ll update the article as we learn more.