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Units at modern townhome development in North Corktown hit the market

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Construction on North Corktown 11 will begin soon and has a summer 2020 completion date

Rendering of the North Corktown 11
Courtesy of Bondy Construction & Design

Townhomes are extremely popular with developers at the moment. There are at least two in Corktown, another in Woodbridge, and lots more in Brush Park. And soon there will be one in North Corktown.

Developed by Michigan-based Bondy Construction & Design, the North Corktown 11 is—you guessed it—11 townhomes on Cochrane Street in North Corktown. The homes start at $337,000 and go up to $417,000.

All the units have fairly similar floor plans that range in dimensions from 1,179 to 1,566 square feet. Each has a first floor with a living room, kitchen, half-bath, and porch; and a second floor with two bedrooms and en suite bathrooms. There’s an optional upgrade for a rooftop deck and wet bar on the third floor.

The townhomes are fairly customizable and can be outfitted with a suite of extra finishes, fixtures, and upgrades. Each comes with a detached one-car garage.

The developer declined to say how much the development will cost, though it is receiving a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone tax abatement for new construction which will be passed on to any buyers that become owner-occupants. HOA fees will be $240 per month.

Currently three of the 11 units are already reserved.

According to the listing agent, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Loft Warehouse, construction will begin in the next 40 to 50 days and is slated to be completed by the end of summer 2020.

Rendering of a brown couch and love seats on geometrical carpet
First floor living room
Black cabinets above stove top and a nearby little dining nook
Kitchen and dining area
A wide bed faces closets with black doors and a window out to fall trees
Master bedroom
A resident works on a couch on a tiled deck overlooking North Corktown
Rooftop deck