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QLine to be added to metro Detroit’s new transit payment system Dart

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Joining SMART and DDOT, it will soon be much easier to transfer to and from the Woodward Avenue streetcar

The colorful streetcar slides around the glass skyscraper near Campus Martius Photo by Michelle Gerard

QLine announced today that it will be added to Dart, the unified payment system that simplifies transferring between lines in metro Detroit’s transit system. The 3.3-mile Woodward Avenue streetcar will be joining SMART and DDOT, which launched the system in April.

With Dart, users purchase a pass for a length of time during which they can ride on any of the participating transit systems.

“QLine was always envisioned as a catalyst for the creation of a true regional transit system,” said M-1 Rail CEO Matt Cullen in a release. “Joining DDOT and SMART on a unified payment system is another important step toward that goal.”

Access to the QLine with Dart will begin on October 1, during which riders can purchase either the 4- or 24-hour pass at kiosks. Dart’s seven- and 31-day passes will also be accepted on the streetcar.

Seniors, people with disabilities, Medicare Cardholders, and youth will be able tp buy passes at reduced fares. Pricing and duration for Dart passes are as follows:

  • A four-hour pass for $2, with a reduced fare price of 50 cents for qualified riders.
  • A 24-hour pass for $5, with a reduced price of $2.
  • A seven-day pass for $22, with a reduced price of $10.
  • A 31-day pass for $70, with a reduced price of $29. The 31-day pass also features a tap to pay option for easier boarding.

Passes can be purchased at transit centers, select retail outlets, online, and by mail.

The QLine’s $30 unlimited monthly pass will continue through 2019, and all QLine-specific passes that haven’t been used yet will be honored until September 1, 2020.